Hello sweeties, how have you been? Today I am here with this gorgeous banana marmalade. There were 2 bananas into the fridge and they were looking at my face like pleeeasee use us asap :) I decided to use them as a marmalade. Looked at Pinterest for a good idea and finally found a credible recipe. It is very easy and sooo delicious. Normally I dont like sweety things but this is and my other bomb Dulce de leche is my favourite things. Good options for breakfast. Okaaaay I do not want to hold you here soo long!! Here is the recipe
2 bananas
2 tbsp salted butter
2 tbsp milk
1 cup sugar
a pinch of vanilla or extract
1 lemon juice
1 egg yolk

Blend the bananas with half of lemon juice for against to be dark. Heat the small sauce pan. Add butter, the other half of lemon juice, milk, sugar and boil for 15 minutes than remove the pan. Close the fire. Add blended bananas and vanilla, mix well. Whisk the one egg yolk otherside and add 2 tbsp of this hot marmalade. And add it into the marmalade. Pour it into a jar. Let it be cool into the fridge for 5-6 hours. Bon Appetit! :)

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